Essential Skills for the Project Manager

Posted by Nino Lau on April 25, 2019


As the PM in our Make-Money project, I summarized some skills needed to be a good PM. Share with you here!

Essential skills

Becoming a PM first requires sufficient project management knowledge to identify problems and propose possible solutions. Many project managers have previously held other jobs, such as software developer, marketing manager, accountant, designer, etc., and have a solid knowledge of projects in related fields. DBMS, ITPM, SWSAD and other knowledge are very important for the PM to control the project. But knowledge of project management is sometimes not enough to be a good PM. We also need soft skills. It’s not enough to be a good communicator and an open leader. Meeting the challenges of day-to-day project management also requires responsibility, adaptability, analytical and strategic thinking, decisiveness, adaptability, and even a little risk-taking. Good written and verbal communication skills and the ability to multitask put us among the top project managers in our industry.

First, a solid understanding of the business case and risk management process, and professional knowledge to meet the specific situation; Good project management and self-management ability and strong leadership skills; Ability to monitor and control budgets and maintain critical thinking; Good communication and negotiation skills, able to make correct decisions under pressure; In addition, good interpersonal skills are necessary to lead the team. Project managers are capable of defining situations, recording data and drawing conclusions, have strong business acumen, can interpret any form of teaching, have excellent time management skills, and are able to maintain plans and meet deadlines.